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Holistic therapies are based on†ancient concepts, a reminder of life's unity, wholeness and complete balance. The holistic perspective looks beyond the immediate symptom to the deeper cause with emphasis on prevention, maintenance and longevity.†

Holistic medicine does not intend to replace the traditional approach, it is a complementary and integral part of total health, a necessity for a truly comprehensive health program resulting in optimum well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Holistic healthcare allows you more involvement in your animalís welfare; it recognizes that you know your animals better than most. †Your animals will intuitively guide their treatments, they will ask you for their remedies, they will offer you parts of their body for massage and they will reward you for your kindness time and time again.


Animal Aromatherapy is our opportunity to give natureís abundant array of plant medicine back to our domesticated animals.† In the wild the animal kingdom has ad-lib access to thousands of different plant species. They use these plants for there nutritional and therapeutic valueís to promote healing, prevent parasitic burdens, to ease gastrointestinal discomfort, combat toxicity, boost immunity and overall well being.† Animals efficiently keep themselves well with an intuitive sense of timing, self selection and self medication.

Essential oils are concentrated, volatile extracts from the fruits, roots, seeds, gums and herbs of aromatic plants and trees. They are very complex, containing hundreds of different chemical constituents. It is these properties that help to restore balance and promote physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Methods of application vary depending on the specific problem.† You will be guided through this during the consultation. Essential oils are highly volatile. Their chemical constituents are easily absorbed via the bloodstream, olfactory system or epidermis. Inhalation can be every bit as effective as taking a remedy orally or applying topically. Results and reactions are often powerful on a physical and emotional level.

As an aromatics practitioner. I am able to understand your animalís body language and reactions.† This combined with my knowledge of plant medicine and its safe preparation is the key to this natural, non-invasive form of medicine. To achieve successful, long term results, my role is to help you to incorporate the many benefits of plant medicine into your animalís routine.



Kinesiology is the science of movement. Its theories are based on Chinese medicine, testing the flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians by isolating certain muscle groups allowing me to assess the functioning of all the major body systems. It is a holistic system that permits the body to communicate accurately its physical, emotional and nutritional imbalances.

Kinesiology further allows me to find the most effective and compatible plant medicines, to bring into balance the body systems with weak responses. Kinesiology is a non-invasive tool that allows me to identify problems in people and animals and can be performed using a hair sample. Due to the nature of this test it I can analyse these samples without the patient being present.



Animal healing is a gentle, non invasive therapy. Animals truly love healing and will often move their body around to where they most need or want the energy; they trust the process completely and relax deeply into it. Often their body language conveys important messages, some will stretch out as they release physical problems, others with more emotional issues will curl up into the foetal position as they deal with past traumas. Often there is immediate improvement.

Older animals benefit from a boost of healing energy, often releasing aches and pains, helping them to maintain a more mobile, healthier state of well being. For animals that are recovering from illness or operations, gentle healing aids a speedy recovery. There are times when our animal's body is too old or badly damaged to repair, in these cases, healing plays a special role for the terminally ill pet. Healing brings relief from pain, a letting go of fear, allowing a peaceful passing. Healing also gives great strength to the owners, at this sad time of loss.



To enjoy our animals fully we must ensure we look after our own health and well-being.† Many owners myself included have devoted much of our energy to our beloved four legged friends often to the detriment of our own health.† Having learnt the hard way I now understand that it is as much a gift to our animals as it is to ourselves to ensure we are mentally and physically balanced, that we enjoy health, harmony and vitality. Holistic therapies are wonderful for restoring energy and calm, for releasing muscular aches and pains, for dispelling fears and anxiety, for boosting confidence and reducing stress, the list is endless.†

Horse and rider consultations bring about big shifts on the physical and emotional level.† Whether you are a happy hacker or regular competitor you will enjoy the positive effects natural therapies can bring. Private sessions are available or you can organise a Natural Health Clinic at your yard.† We will be on hand to treat all four legged and two legged patients using a wide variety of therapies, helping you all to achieve and maintain optimum well-being.


I have been incorporating these natural non-invasive technologies within my animal clinic for several years now with outstanding results. Animals seem intuitively drawn to these gentle energies.  Stressed and anxious animals become calm, arthritic and stiff animals demonstrate improved flexibility and mobility. I have seen an impressive rate of recovery after serious illness and injury and feel confident that magnetics and far infrared play a valuable role in holistic health.
What are the benefits of Magnetic therapy?

Magnetic Therapy is a natural energy that boosts health and wellbeing.  Magnetic therapy increases blood flow, boosting the flow of oxygen, delivering nutrients, aiding the removal of toxins and therefore reducing pain, inflammation and improving body function at cellular level.

What are the benefits of Far Infrared Technology? (FIR)

Far Infrared is vital for the health, production and growth of all living things. FIR increases blood flow, reduces muscle spasms, removes toxins, assists in the reduction of swelling and inflammation by improving lymphatic flow and stimulating enzyme activity.

Magnetic massage is something any owner can do and all animals love.  Using specially designed magnetic balls you can massage the entire body. Magnetic energy relieves tension and improves comfort and flexibility making this the perfect device to relieve everyday aches and pains for you and your four legged friend. Animal fans give their seal of approval, demonstrating extreme relaxation and appreciation when given a full body massage. No training needed - just rub and go!
The wide range of Health and Wellness technologies for animal and owner can been seen at:



I am available for consultations throughout the UK and will happily work with clients from anywhere in the world by arrangement or post. Many pet insurance companies now cover complementary therapy for your animals; Please check your policy for details

**Please remember holistic therapies are designed to work alongside Veterinary care. Please ensure you advise you Veterinary Surgeon before any holistic consultation takes place. In most cases, this simply means a phone call to your vet.**

Home visits last approximately one and a half hours, during which time I will discuss all aspects of your animals past and present physical conditions as well as his psychological and behavioral needs. During the consultation your animal will be given the opportunity to self-select a combination of medicinal essential oils and herbs. I will teach you how to interpret your animalís responses and guide you through the safe use of natureís pharmacy. Simple massage and training techniques will also be advised. I will suggest any lifestyle or routine changes that could enhance your animalís well-being. †I am committed to your animals' welfare whole-heartedly, I am available via phone or email to offer ongoing support.

Home visit† - £45.00 + †remedies and travel expenses where necessary.
If you would like to book a home visit please phone or e-mail

Postal consultations please fill in the consultation form with as much detail as you can.† Please spend as much time as you need to think about the problem and include anything you feel may be helpful, however trivial it may first appear! Send the form to me along with a cheque for £25, a recent picture of your animal and a small snippet of their hair, a few strands of mane, tail or coat hair is all thatís required.† Please label the hair clearly with your animals name and your contact details. Download form here

I will endeavor to prepare and post your remedies and safety details within 3 working days. I like to discuss my results with you over the phone and guide you through your first steps of working with plant medicine for your animals. I offer continued advice and support via phone and e-mail.

Kinesiology hair testing by post £42.00 plus remedies & P&P. I am happy to receive payment by cheque or paypal.

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