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The Holistic Approach offers a wide range of complementary therapies helping you manage the many stresses and strains of modern living.†

Combining a variety of ancient medicinal arts we can help put your body back into a state of balance and harmony, improving health, longevity and vitality! The human body is not designed to be sick it does however need a nourishing environment to be well.†

We provide total wellness solutions with Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Herbs, Reiki Healing, Nutritional supplements and much, much more.†Lets work together to prevent ill health or to restore good health and letís do it the natural way.

Did You Know?

Health is not simply the abscence of disease.

Holistic medicine is the concept of treating the whole person or animal, creating balance between physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual elements of the body.†

Legendary philosopher "Socrates" recognised this phenomenon, and suggested that we should care for the body as a whole entity rather than in parts.

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Welcome to the Holistic Approach, we are here to help animals of all breeds, shapes and sizes to achieve and maintain physical and emotional well-being. We provide gentle, natural, non-invasive health solutions that your animals will instinctively choose and enjoy.

We use a combination of different approaches to help your animals achieve total well-being. Often we work with natureís powerful plant medicine in the form of essential oils, herbs and extracts, offering the opportunity of self-medication and self-selection to our now domesticated friends.  In the wild animals would have had unlimited access to thousands of different medicinal plant species allowing them to intuitively maintain their internal and external health.

Together with plant medicine we also use the benefits of massage, healing, nutrition, magnetics and kinesiology to ensure a genuinely holistic approach, specific to your animalís individual needs.† Your animals will intuitively guide their treatment sessions, you will be amazed and delighted at how clearly they can express their needs and preferences.† Working with animals in this natural way produces profound, positive and long lasting results. Dena Schwartz

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